Agate Vase

Artist / Maker: Howard Gardiner


Handbuilt agate-ware vase. Agate-ware is made by marbling two different coloured clays together.

“My work is mainly produced in stoneware using a variety of ceramic techniques. I throw and hand build mainly one-off pieces which are influenced by a variety of historical ceramic connections. I have been interested in classical Greek, Roman and Chinese ceramics as well as Twentieth Century Studio pottery. My work uses clay slips and glazes which I make up from tried and tested recipes.

I have been creating pieces in which the aesthetic shapes show the delicate balance between shape, form and line.

I have used many hand processes in stoneware and porcelain to create groups of pots Experimenting with clay slips and oxides in conjunction with a variety of glazes to enhance the final surface”

Dimensions10 × 25 cm