Reflections, Shropshire Union Canal

Artist / Maker: Kath Lockhart


Kath Lockhart

“The need to make art is an itch that has to be scratched.
I get my ideas from everywhere . . . events, still-life, song lyrics, the landscape and architecture wherever I am. However, what interests me more than the images I make is the process used to make them, and how I can express an effect in, say, a landscape or building using, mostly, lino cut techniques and tools, some conventional, some not.
Colour plays a major role in some of my prints; others require the simplicity of black and white. However, printmaking offers one more thing once this is all complete. It offers the anticipation, and the moment of surprise, when the paper is lifted, offering endless new possibilities.”

An original, framed print. The frame is a 4.5cm wide distressed wood effect frame.


The lino print images are created by the reduction process using one piece of lino to create each separate colour by cutting away sections of the lino. The colours are printed in layers, each layer allowed to dry before printing the next one over it. Before each colour is printed some of the lino is cut out using a gouge and the next colour is printed as a new layer.”

Each stage of the process is created by hand, by the artist and therefore each one is an original piece of artwork. 

Dimensions48.5 × 38.5 cm