Windy Day – Framed

Artist / Maker: Kath Lockhart


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Reduction lino cut printing:
  • The lino print images are created by the reduction process using one piece of lino to create each separate colour by cutting away sections of the lino.
  • The colours are printed in layers, each layer allowed to dry before printing the next one over it.
  • Before each colour is printed some of the lino is cut out using a gouge and the next colour is printed as a new layer. 
  • The number of prints created in this way is called an edition. When using the reduction method, once the edition has been completed, the lino is no longer usable, and no more can be made from it. 
  • As one piece of lino is used, and the layering and cutting progresses, less and less of the original block remains until most of the lino is gone and therefore no more prints can be made from this piece. This is a limited edition and cannot be repeated or added to. 
  • Each stage of the process is created by hand, by the artist and therefore each one is an original piece of artwork. 
Dimensions30.5 × 40.8 cm