Painterly Vessel 3

Artist / Maker: Allison Wiffen


Handthrown earthenware vase decorated with a very painterly abstract design. Each piece is unique as Allison uses very fluid colour to drip and drizzle. There is always a pop of colour to suprise and delight. These vessels are glazed on the interior so they can hold water.

“With these pieces I effectively treat the pot as a canvas and produce an abstract painting on pot. As such each one is a unique piece of art.

Some are oval – thrown without a base and then compressed into an oval – as this then gives me two distinct sides to decorate.

But the round ones also have quite different characters to them as you rotate them.

Wheel thrown and high fired making them very robust, these are glazed inside and can be used for flowers without fear of seepage or leakage. The outside is left unglazed and has a matte but smooth to the touch surface.

I absolutely love making these pots and each contains a small part of my soul.”

Dimensions10 × 12 cm