Pebble Vase (PV1)

Artist / Maker: Jane Charles


A mouth-blown bowl glass vase with a surface design of subtle dots and brushstrokes. Accents of blues and greens .

Jane went to the North Staffordshire Polytechnic to study Ceramics in 1980. But soon fell in love with the immediacy of glass work. She  tried to fight her growing interest in the medium but eventually had to give in and  began the affair with hot glass. Jane loves the energy of glass.

On finishing her she degree  went to the heart of the British glass industry, Dudley near Stourbridge in the Midlands and did a traditional course on glass making which gave me my own skills that I needed to really start making my own work.  She spent the next three years working in as many studios around the country that she could to gain valuable glass making skills before going it alone and establishing Jane Charles Studio Glass in 1987.

Jane works from her studios in Newcastle upon Tyne and her work is highly collectable and signed by the artist.

Dimensions12 × 27 cm